The stellar collaboration between Fred Perry and Gorillaz.

Gorillaz, the British band formed by the musician Damon Albarn and the designer Jamie Hewlett that revolutionized the limits of virtual reality in 1998 have just become the protagonists of the new campaign of the well-known brand Fred Perry. The artists of this virtual group, 2-D, Noodle, Murdoc Niccals and Russel Hobbs are now the perfect ambassadors charged with sharing the independent essence of the brand of the laurel wreath through their M3 and M12 polo shirts, designed by the same Fred Perry in 1950.

The news of this collaboration only further establishes the timelessness of the style of Fred Perry garments, since despite the fact that these models are more than seventy years old, they seem to fit perfectly with the style and aesthetics of the protagonists of a band as cutting-edge as Gorillaz is.

And it is that despite the fact that Fred Perry’s polo shirts have had an extensive aesthetic role in an endless number of subcultures and urban movements, the firm continues to maintain one of its original premises: the Made In England essence, manufacturing its garments with hand-finished finishes in Leicester (England). To represent the personalities of the different virtual members of the band, they have decided to “dress” the vocalist, keyboardist, and leader of Gorillaz, 2-D, with the all-white Fred Perry M3 polo shirt, the bassist Murdoc Niccals with the M12 Twin Tipped in Tartan Green / Ice / Red, guitarist Noodle with the M12 in Brighton / Ice / French Nacy and finally drummer Russel Hobbs with the M12 model in Maroon / White / Ice.

The garments presented in this collaboration are available worldwide through the Fred Perry website and, more specifically, in Spain, they can be physically purchased in stores in Barcelona (Rec, 77) and Madrid (Barquillo, 35).